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Rihanna: Pro Gallery

Price: $15,000
{Financing Plans Available}

Rihanna's entire life has been documented from her first training till now.
She has been trained to:
Off Leash Heel, Sit, Stay, Come, Lay Down, Between, Bite, Out, Around, Leave It, Place, Focus, Sit Before Door Ways
You will be completely trained how to work and train her. Rihanna has been trained to completely protect you and is certified by "Elite K9 Service" She can go out in public with you and be sociable until you say otherwise.

-Am I right for you? Rihanna's Personality: I love chilling with you as you work. I enjoy running around and keeping myself entertained; but nothing beats spending time with you. I like walking with you but don't mind being treated like a baby and being held. Life is worth enjoying and I go with the flow.

Please call for more info and/or to see Rihanna in person
(813) 848-8528

Thank you,

Rihanna: Quote
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